CH607 LLB Enduro Ceramic Hybrid Bike Bearing Abec 5


CH607 LLB Enduro Ceramic Hybrid Bike Bearing

Ceramic Hybrid combines the chromium steel races found in Enduro’s ABEC 5 range with Grade 5 ceramic (Silicon Nitride – Si3n4) balls found in Zero Ceramic bearings. This combination creates a lighter, more efficient and more affordable ceramic bearing, perfect for use in hubs or bottom brackets. The low contact LLB seals provide protection from water or dirt ingress, but without causing any friction or drag

Precision Tolerance: ABEC5

Rolling Element : Silicone Nitride Si3N4 Grade 5 Balls

Seals: LLB

Material: Hybrid Ceramic

Used on: Hubs, Bottom Brackets

LLB is a double-lip type seal making light contact and also rides in a groove making a labyrinth seal.

Inside Diameter (mm)


Outside Diameter (mm)


Thickness (mm)


Dimensions: ID:7 OD:19 TH:6