Creepy Crawler Rear ST


Creepy Crawler Rear ST

The first offering in the trials arena from Maxxis, with specifications to meet the needs of the most demanding rider. The Creepy Crawler rear specific trials tyre offers a supple ride, with excellent traction that gives you the confidence to make the leap. The Maxxis Creepy Crawler is the best trials tyre available on the market.

  • Block tread design


  • TPI: 25
  • Bead: Wire
  • Ply Construction: Single
  • Compound: Super Tacky
  • Max PSI: 50

NOTE: Not this tyre will not fit a conventional 20″. It is designed for Modified Trials specific rims.


Super Tacky: Used primarily in cross country and enduro tyres, the two compounds in the outer layer are specially formulated to reduce rolling resistance and optimize treadwear and traction.



Tyre Size


Tyre Compound

Super Tacky

Tyre Type

Clincher – Wire Bead